The Society places high priority on fish care and fish safety. Our prized fish are growing well, and maintain excellent condition, everything should be done to help this continue.

The Lake is rich in features, especially lily coverage which dictates that rig safety be of high importance. Common sense is expected at all times, ensuring designated rigs and methods are being used appropriately. Our small society places great importance on our rules, but firmly maintains an objective to keep them simple and limited in number.

The society requests all members check their rig integrity and methods at all opportunities. Any time you are unsure, please feel free to discuss with a bailiff. Bailiffs reserve the right to check permits, rigs and methods at any time.

Rod Licences are your responsibility, however a condition of membership of CDAS.  Please remember, it is an offence, under UK law to fish without, and likely prompting your membership being terminated.   Please follow this link to purchase a rod licence.

Rules Easy Reader

  1. All rules are for all members.
  2. All members are to have current national EA licence(s).
  3. Members are to use the cradles/slings and landing nets provided. They are not to be removed from site. All carp are to be lifted out of the water using a sling and landing net.
  4. All lead systems must be set up to ensure that the lead is dropped on the take. This means the use of RigMarole “Freefall” or MCF “Dumper” style lead clips, “drop off” in line set ups or helicopter rig lead release systems e.g. Korda HeliSafe. Leadcore may only be used with the Korda Helisafe setups.
  5. No braided main line except for use on marker or spod rods.
  6. Chod/helicopter rig systems should use Korda “No Trace” beads. Large eyed/ring swivels should be used to run on leader materials. Naked chod rigs are not to be used.
  7. Lead core, tubing or other leaders to be a maximum length of 1 metre must be used at all times unless floater or zig fishing.
  8. No 360° rigs, No bent hook rigs. Only one hook per rod.
  9. No glue to be used to construct rigs.
  10. No shock leaders to be used except on spod or marker rods.
  11. Mainline to be a min .35mm and or 15lb, max 18lb, for carp and pike.
  12. For general coarse species, mainline is to be a maximum of 6lbs and a maximum hook size of size 12 are to be used.
  13. No sacking of fish, retention slings are to be used for no more than 30 minutes whilst preparing for weighing and photos. A carp care antiseptic kit is to be carried and used to treat any fish wounds.
  14. No fish to be held above waist height or photographed while standing.
  15. No nuts, trout pellets or plastic baits, excluding Zig or Pike baits, are to be used.
  16. Members must sign in using the book in the shed before whether visiting or angling and sign out when finished. When angling a Swim tag must be reversed on the wall.
  17. Only one fish to be on the bank at any one time.
  18. Boat only to be used in the event of a snagged fish. Life jackets are to be worn at all times.
  19. No under 16s are to use the boat. Members are advised not to use the boat if no one else is on site.
  20. No wading in the lake at any time.
  21. No fishing of any form or type in the Stock Pond.

updated 7.5.21