How long is the wait list?

The wait list is substantial and longer by the year.   Today, we see very limited change over of our small group of members.  However, there are occasional opportunities where one can join the winter ticket or enjoy a guest session with one of our existing members.

We operate a wait list registration system on this website, where all interest are logged, chronologically and considered on that basis firstly.   Should you refuse an offer of membership, your application will be passed over, you will return to the back of the list.

Those that pursue media interests with the commercialism of fishing today, are unlikely to be offered a place.

What’s the biggest carp in the lake?

We do not advocate any publicity as to the whereabouts, or the stock of the lake. Why? This is for the security of our estate and the privacy, security of our members and respect of our neighbours; residential homes and commercial fisheries.

Isn’t this Mickey Mouse lake?

CDAS LogoYes, the Society was considered the Mickey Mouse lake, it’s a firm part of our history, celebrated in our logo.  Some members who’ve retained their permits from those days, through the tragedy that befell the lakes have all played their part working hard in helping create what our Society is today.   But being considered “Mickey Mouse”, is history, not our future.

Why should I join CDAS?

Our membership is mainly self-employed high-quality tradesmen, company owners, directors, accountants, doctors, retirees and ex-military personnel.   A good number are current B.C.S.G members, and many maintain a membership of the Angling Trust, as does the Society as a whole.

Ultimately, CDAS isn’t solely about the fishing; the investment, management and enjoyment of our estate and facilities as a whole.  Many of our fellow members enjoy CDAS for the social spaces, as much the fishing.

In the words of Henry Thoreau; “Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”

Didn’t you have a fish kill?

Yes, in late 2008/9.  Our dedicated members drained and cleaned the lake. Restocking took place in 2012.

Is it Lee’s lake?

The lake is wholely owned by our Society members. We have a full committee, AGM and comprehensive constitution, as adopted by our Society.   We are the last wholely member owned lake in the Stour Valley.  All work and investment our members undertake is solely for the benefit of our fellow members.